Rosavelt Returns with new album

Rosavelt has returned with 11 new songs on their most ambitious album to date entitled The Last 10 Days. The album is their first since 2004's The Story of Gasoline, the critically acclaimed national release that received 4 stars and a glowing review in Paste Magazine.

To mark their return, the band tapped the dream team of Don Dixon to produce and Mitch Easter to record at his Fidelitorium Recordings in Kernersville, North Carolina. The duo is credited with helping create the jangle pop sound of the '80s, co-producing REM's landmark album Murmer and its follow-up Reckoning. Rounding out the team to master the album was Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound whose laundry list of classic albums include Springsteen's Born to Run and John Lennon's Rock and Roll.

The album also marks the return to collaboration by founding members Christopher W. Allen and A.K. Grasha who co-wrote all 11 tracks. The Del Fuegos' Warren Zanes and Walkin' Cane Charanghat also contributed to co-write "Hairnet Summer." On bass is long time member Tom Prebish and new comer Dave McKean (The Boys From the County Hell, The Magpies) on drums.

The album appropriately kicks off with "Are You Listening," a Wilco-like love song that doesn't quite suggest the way in which The Last Day 10 Days is an album of extremes. Slower songs such as the lush "Shattered Awake" and the moody and atmospheric "Did You Fall," which features Easter on lead guitar, sound so fragile, you'd think they could break, and faster songs such as the tortured "Come Find Me There" have a vicious edge to them that make sound nastier than anything the band has done before. The album closes on a somber note with the title track, a moody rumination on mortality.

    The Last 10 Days

  • Side A
  • Are You Listening
  • Never Got to Let You Down
  • All You Martyrs
  • Alone and Alive
  • Shattered Awake
  • Side B
  • Come Find Me There
  • Did You Fall
  • Steady As You Burn
  • Wide Awake
  • Hairnet Summer
  • The Last 10 Days